Most internet users these days know that HTTP is not encrypted, and HTTPS is encrypted however there is much more to these two protocols than you might think.

HTTP makes use of port 80 by default whereas HTTPS makes use of port 443 by default. What is a port ? (by Cloudflare)

HTTP is not favored by search engines since it is not encrypted like HTTPS, which is favored by search engines, thus having a website with a valid ssl certificate will help with search engine optimization (SEO). “HTTPS as a ranking signal“. More on ranking and how google implements it: “How search works.”

Interestingly HTTPS has a slower response time than HTTP. “Goldberg” A comparison of HTTP and HTTPS performance.

If you have ever been to the “dark side” you might have noticed that most “. onion” sites make use of HTTP instead of HTTPS. Understandably this can make users of the traditional internet concerned about privacy however it is better not to have HTTPS in most cases.

There are many reasons to use HTTP on “.onion” sites with one being HTTPS has something called “Certificate transparency”. For more information on how onion service protocols work with HTTP and HTTPS visit: “Tor project HTTPS For Your Onion Service“.