Unveiling the Junos Journey

If you are someone who is looking towards earning this certification in the interest of learning more about the Juniper networks platform I would highly recommend that you take a look at their online open learning platform and the content that they provide for free.

The Criticts

While some people proclaim that this is the easiest exam they have ever written and other’s for it to be the opposite, it will all depend on your own experience with networking and the grasp that you have on the objectives and the scope outline on the Juniper website.

How was the exam ?

As for writing the actual exam, I found it to be aligned with the objectives and scope outline found on their website for the certification at the time that I was writing 🙂

How is writing an online procored exam ?

The process felt more or less the same as writing an exam at a Pearson vue testing center, that is not to say that it is exactly the same.

You have to write in a clean space that follows their rules and to some people this might be out of reach or a lot of work to clean and prepare a space that meets the requirements for the exam.

It may take a bit of adjustment to get used to a camera being turned on if you are somewhat of a private person. (meaning you are not used to being in front of a camera)