First Year IT DIP (:

As my second year of my networking diploma studies is starting, I want to look back at my first year of studies.

As a first year student I was concerned with diploma studies not carrying the same level of regognition as a degree, however I am certian that the skills that I have earned through my diploma studies will have value in the enterpise environment. I believe All People Need Data Processing in one form or another.

My First Summative Exam

The week leading up to my first Summative Exam (Computer Systems 511 [Comptia A+]) was a close second to the most stresfull time of the year.

I was as prepared as one could expect for a confused, nervous wreck of a first year student. I ended up with a respectable mark so in the end all was well.

The most stressfull moment of my first year

Pro tip: You can most likely find your recovery key on your microsoft profile. If it is not there I wish you the best of luck.

My favourite thing that I learned about.

It is save to say that I liked my networking modules (Comptia N+ NET511 and CCNA NET512)

I liked learning about ethernet loops and broadcast storms. No I do not want to see the world burn, but seeing everyone in your home get frustrated with the internet not working is quite funny.

While I do believe that one should test assumptions and take note of the results, do not intentionally create loops in a production environment. This can be tested in gns3 or packet tracer…

DO NOT TRY ON CAMPUS or anywhere else without permission there will most definitely be legal consequences when you get caught…

This door…

I am not explaining this one if you are lucky you may witness this on campus in person, I tend to get this one wrong a lot.

First year memes